Visas Made Easy: How VEVO Is Changing The Game

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Australian visa holders are giving employers, education providers and other third parties evidence of their visa status quicker and easier thanks to VEVO Email— a new tool that enables visa holders to email their details to a third party directly from VEVO.

Visa Entitlement Verification Online or VEVO is a free online service that gives visa holders, employers and other registered organisations access to visa entitlements and status information 24 hours a day.

Australian authorities no longer require visa holders to have a visa label in their passport, with VEVO now the preferred method for checking work, study and residence entitlements of visa holders.

VEVO helps millions of visa holders and organisations find and check visa details every year. And now that most visa holders need to pay a visa evidence charge for a printed visa label, more and more people are logging on to VEVO. This year we have seen a 36 per cent rise in visa holders using VEVO to check their entitlements.

Throughout this year, we are improving VEVO so it continues to meet the needs of visa holders and organisations, quickly and effectively. In March 2013, in addition to introducing VEVO Email, we made changes that allow users to see if a visa holder is currently in Australia or overseas. This is important because entitlements for the holders of some visas, such as student visas, can change according to whether they are in Australia, or yet to enter the country.

Following user feedback, we’ve also extended the VEVO password expiry time from 28 to 90 days, which will help users keep track of their password.

Later in the year, organisational users will also be able to manage their own VEVO account, making it easier for them to use VEVO at any time, as they will no longer need to wait for service centre support during standard office hours.

Watch our latest video about checking your details using VEVO.

Checking Your Australian Details

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